P.O. Box 2671, Salt Lake City, UT 84110

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Rates and Services

Each visit includes maintaining fresh food and water, giving treats if desired and medicine if needed, scooping and maintaining litter, and, most important, spending time with kitty or kitties—playing, cuddling, grooming, or hanging out in a zen-like fashion, as they wish, monitoring their condition and behavior to alert you and seek veterinary care right away in the event of trouble; and sending you occasional notes and pix as time and feline inclination permit. Some pictures, with your permission, might end up on my fabulous Cat et cetera Facebook page! 

I also collect mail, newspapers, and packages; put out and collect waste containers as needed; maintain bird-feeders and baths; and keep an eye on the place in general, letting you know immediately of any appliance or system malfunctions, signs of unwanted visitors, etc. 

Regular Rates

$20 for half an hour, regardless of number of cats and litterboxes, plus $5 for each additional 15 minutes where necessity of spending extra time is consistent; no extra charge for the occasional run-on visit.

Holiday Rates

A $5 surcharge will be added to the regular fee for each of the following: 

New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day

Easter Day

Mother's Day

4th of July    

Pioneer Day    

Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day

Other Fees 

Key pickup or drop-off $10 

Returned check $20

Vet pickup/drop-off tbd

Vet visit tbd 

Meter or terrace parking 

Travel surcharge: Visits requiring more than a 5-mile round trip from 200 N 800 E will include a surcharge of 50 cents per mile after 5 miles.